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            The manpower is very small and the output is too low.The common dish surface technology of dish type flow meter includes enamel surface, guilloche technology, metal radial surface, shell surface and so on. Some watches also he their own weird craftsmanship, such as Rolex's computer disk and Cadia's pure gold plating. link_. In the evaluation of luxury goods, the most important thing in the evaluation of luxury goods on Tuesday is the day, hour, minute and second. The appearance of the watch should be checked, including the following? Single-sided polishing depends on whether the polishing method of the watch is exquisite. The polishing of famous watches is very special, while the craftsmanship of fake watches is far from that. For example, the 'blue steel pointer' often used in flow meters, the pointer of the real watch is dark blue, which is emitted through a complicated process, while the fake blue is painted.If you need maintenance, you can call -6590-877 for consultation.





            Four years ago, Blancpain, which continued to support ocean exploration and survey projects, released the first limited edition watch 'Hearttothe Ocean'.The first is to achieve 7 days of super long power, 7 in Portugal are equipped with a giant barrel (red in the picture above).Where to recycle watches_The recycling business process of Rolex watches. Sometimes the recycling price of second-hand watches during recycling is too high, and sometimes the recycling price is too low. What is going on? What is the market price of all second-hand luxury watch recycling stores? What is the analysis method for the quotation of Rolex second-hand watch recycling mall? Today, the editor of 'Wanhu Famous Brand' will take us to analyze and hope to help us!