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            The famous BFC/VogueDesignerFashionFund has a sister fund in the United States called CFDA/VogueFashionFund, or CFDA/VFF for short, which fashion designers dream of.Because of the limitation of production technology and material level in different ages, the 'radium' luminous light used at that time must radiate excessively, which is considered 'normal' in the watch circle.Whether it is 'Top Ten Watches' or 'New Classification Rating', it seems that there is nothing 'wrong' now. The goal they want to accomplish is nothing more than to give everyone a basic idea in an era when consumers are immature. , The most direct popularization of horological knowledge and the dissemination of horological culture.





            Roger Dubuis shares the passion for cooperation with Lamborghini and Pirelli. If you plan to buy a men's watch for daily wear in the next year, with a budget of no more than 200,000, then the following new brands of new products, I suggest you pay attention to it.If the first album represented by 'HoldBackTheRiver' is more folk style, then in 2018, this 'ElectricLight', whether it is the single 'WildLove', or 'Us', or 'WastedOnEachOther', you can Hear more pop and rock elements.Michelle Yeoh is indeed a powerful actress in the global film scene. There are very few female Kung Fu actors from martial arts. Among them, Michelle Yeoh is the only one who has come to today's position with perseverance, endurance and extraordinary courage.