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            This watch uses the domestic 7750 chronograph movement, which is still somewhat balanced with the original movement, but has the same function. The movement patch is not a deception. The true meaning of the splint should be infinitely restored with the original structure. , You can check the picture carefully, there are golden pupils on it, only ailable on the original Rolex 4130 movement, and the pigeon blood of this pigeon is very textured.The setting of the digital display window corresponding to the time information is clear and interesting. The beauty and practicality of the dual advantages made the first generation of Glashütte original Senator perpetual calendar won the main watch awards around 2000, and won certain market recognition. Laid the foundation for expansion.Needless to say, let's start answering the questions.





            Double-pulse double-wheel double-pulse escapement, 1976-1979.This can reduce the friction and contact between the watch head and the wrist skin.The black handbag in his hand is also very high-end and full of texture, especially when paired with this luxury car, it is full of aura, this shirt skirt, the whole body is black, simplicity shows that it is not easy to hold it. The black stitched clutch bag, the whole body is not decorated much, not even the earrings and watches, but we can still feel the aura of Chun Ji Hyun.