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            Like all Rolex watches, the Cosmograph Daytona received the Super Observatory certification from Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests in Rolex laboratories and surpassed the conventions and standards of the watchmaking industry. After the watch is assembled, it is tested to ensure that the watch exhibits excellent performance in terms of accuracy, power reserve, water resistance and self-winding. The Rolex Super Chronometer precision chronometer is tested after the movement is installed. The erage error per day is within plus or minus two seconds, which is more than twice the erage chronometer certified by the chronometer. The green seal is a symbol of astronomical timepieces. Each Rolex watch is accompanied by this seal and has a five-year global warranty.Patek Philippe 5370PDualSeconds stopwatch However, in another case, you want to record two events/actions that start at the same time but cannot end at the same time.The bus cleverly combined the IWC pilot watch and bracelet according to the actual proportions, resulting in a very wonderful interaction. It can be said that everyone on the bus can try on the watch, and there is no Patek Philippe's slogan 'No one The slogan 'You can own Patek Philippe, only keep it for the next generation' is deeply rooted in people's hearts, 'You he never actually owned a Patek Philippe' with lippe.





            Not only that, for those who like to dive, the accuracy of the omg hour hand is very good.For those who like Nordic simplicity.In terms of movement design, in addition to appearance, we of course focus on the structure of the function.