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            [Watch Times Information] In the performance hall, everyone showed up this time. The protagonist is the user, whose username is @光宗耀祖.The models wore Tudor Fastrider watches with red and black Ducati. The audience followed the Tudor chief executive to announce the launch of the new TUDORSTYLE series of TUDOR watches in Shanghai tonight. At the same time, they also brought new ideas to the guests. The first commercial of the series, in which TUDORSTY appeared through romantic Roman models?The new LE series watches, accompanied by dance music, bring you the romantic feelings of ancient Rome.According to records, Patek Philippe produced only 12 bird song boxes in the ten years from 1860 to 1870, 4 of which were published in the 'Pat Philip Museum Volume One'.





            On the back of the case is a three-lobed window, similar to the 'core material' logo, using amorphous metal.After 23 years, due to the differences in the environment, temperature and humidity worn by the individual, the exact time is of course unknown, but it is still necessary to check the time and water resistance of the watch for a period of time.In addition, FIYTA is the only Chinese-origin watch brand that has entered Hall 1 of the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair in Switzerland.