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            The group's market value now exceeds 200 billion euros.In fact, NgeeAnnCity is very large and has a Japanese department store, so it feels very comfortable.In today's highly developed technology, electronic devices support all our lives.





            In fact, because the mechanical movement occupies a larger area, while the quartz movement is the opposite, many women's watches are inlaid with diamonds in addition to precious metals.Due to the limited location, the Forbidden City?The exhibition of cultural relics cannot be opened.It is said that the Rolex Green Water Ghost is resistant to manufacturing, but where is it resistant to manufacturing? For green water ghosts, anti-creativity can be divided into several aspects. The first point is waterproof, the water ghost's waterproof range is 300 meters. Therefore, such a watch will never fall into the water in daily life. Unless the watch cover is opened and the faucet is aimed at the target, the second point is impact resistance, because the basic requirement of a diving watch is not only waterproof itself, but also impact resistance and anti-magnetic properties, so whether it is anti-magnetic or shock-proof, green water ghost In fact, many friends say that it is durable, it may be a variety of rough use, as to whether the heart is hurt, everyone's reaction is different. It is difficult for me to make personal judgments.