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            If there is a problem with the watch, the user should send it to the brand for after-sales service, but Longines watches only he one or two after-sales service points nationwide.JihengFuchen instrument has a three-ring combination, the outermost is a Liuhe instrument, there is no grounding ring, the middle layer of the Sanchen instrument, the innermost trel instrument, and the cross supports the function and shape of the Chinese and Chinese combination, solemn and style.Yijiahe not only has physical repair points, but also an online store. As long as you place an order on Tmall and JD.com, you can consult watch problems without leing home and enjoy the repair service of the watch in the store. We also accept repair services by post nationwide. We Will quickly solve the watch failure for you, please don't forget our professional 'professional watch repair'.





            In 188, it was engred with 22 gold automatic printing plates on Jaeger-LeCoultre, winning the gold medal design of the Paris World Expo.For example, for a certain brand in India, no matter how good the advertisement says, the repair and maintenance of famous watches, I believe that there will not be too many people interested in it.Celsius tests the performance of extreme temperature differences; another test is to immerse Marine1932 in a lake of Geneva at a depth of 5 degrees Celsius and a depth of 73 meters for 30 minutes.