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            Many traditional Swiss brands he been severely affected, including Zenith.Among them, the dial size, dial thickness and dial color are the key reference objects.I originally thought that Rolex would not launch a follow-up Rainbow Di in a short time. What I never expected was that the second generation Rainbow Di with the model number 116595RBOW in 2018 would come back to life.





            At the same time, Patek Philippe, another symbolic brand in the Swiss watch industry, also announced that it will cease operations on March 18.Many people made a special trip to watch the exhibition while quietly admiring the 'living' teacher Wang Jin from the Chinese legend who is facing repairing clocks or chatting with him. It is a great enjoyment and unforgettable memory for many people. Since Cartier established a special collection and restoration agency in 1983 to collect Cartier's historical treasures, it was the first exhibition in the Petit Palais in Paris in 1989, and all exhibitions he been grand.In the past few years, the past artistic craftsmanship has been continuously grafted into the top watchmaking. One of the prominent ones is the manual micro-engring technology, which has already existed, and such a large range of finely carved these three watches It can be composed of a set, and there is a special watch box, which is very collectible.