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            The real classic is to go before the times.Of course, wearing a watch will inevitably encounter water.The trel time is safer, and both are equipped with silicon hairsprings to achieve anti-magnetic and precise points.





            As the first electronic smart watch.Look at the value of 250SR is not worth the price. There is a chaotic phenomenon that everyone knows about online shopping in China. We usually buy the same product on a certain treasure and a certain amount of goods. While it seems that the price of Pingduoduo is cheaper rather than cost-effective, the things we get are actually very different. Sometimes you really he to believe in the principle of 'you get what you pay for'. Jack Ma said: There are always people who want to buy a Rolex before 200 yuan, and a new iPhone for more than 100 yuan. Want to find the seller if there is a problem? You are really too young. His products are worth this price. If something goes wrong at this price, you can buy genuine products.Finally, the watch house once again emphasized that individuals should not open the back cover of the watch privately. If there is a problem that needs to be opened and adjusted, it should be sent to the brand after-sales service or this professional watch repair agency to find someone to deal with.